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November is Art Every Day Month
November 2, 2014

November is Art Every Day Month

For a few years now I’ve been participating in Art Every Day Month, which is ably and creatively hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas at Creative Every Day. It’s a challenge to us creative types to enjoy being accountable to something other than ourselves, for a change, in a  supportive and wholesome way. There’s no pressure, only […]

Painty, Grungy October Journal
November 4, 2013

Painty, Grungy October Journal

Finishing things, I’m quite good at. Starting- not so much 😉 After a summer of hard work professionally and domestically, and procrastinating with getting back into my art space (physically and emotionally) I finally cracked the ‘I just can’t start’ nut and accepted that it was time to get back to the paint and glue […]

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