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What does a photograph mean?
February 16, 2013

What does a photograph mean?

I barely remember that moment, in the strict sense of the word, but as I pore over this picture, (rediscovered recently on an old hard drive of my father’s) I see so much. I see it with my whole heart and soul. The lines are blurred between feeling it and seeing it. I see/feel my […]

I will be, I used to be, I want to be, I am
This too, will pass
January 16, 2013

This too, will pass

I’m so desperate for this winter to end! I am not a winter person- I love the seasons and living in a temperate climate, but really, how long before we see the sun again?! OK, rant over- at least on days like today I can walk and look and see the beauty in the monochrome […]

January 11, 2013

Three Years On…

…. and I’m back, with lots to show you and plenty to say. Yay!

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