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esse quam videri
March 9, 2013

esse quam videri

When my Aunt Dulcie died 3 years ago (and who I cared for during her last few months) I felt that tangle of emotion that many of us feel in bereavement. A tussle between clearing out and hanging on, emotionally and materially. Dulcie was a child of the inter-war years, and whilst I wouldn’t say […]

painting gingerly
March 7, 2013

painting gingerly

Always been a bit scared of painting- who am I to think I can paint?! (So says the little devil voice in my head- it’s angelic twin says, rightly, who am I to think I can’t? Every now and again I throw caution to the wind and colourful magic happens.

Live Gently
March 1, 2013
The challenge of being a ‘Right Brainer’ in Business
February 28, 2013

The challenge of being a ‘Right Brainer’ in Business

I was recently invited to contribute to this fab book; At The Sharp End;Advice and Tips from 60 real businesses. Now, I don’t profess to be a business guru; anyone who has access to my accounts and systems would see that at a glance. I STRUGGLE with business. But I decided to put that vulnerability […]

The space between each breath
February 17, 2013

The space between each breath

Sometimes the journaling is about the words; sometimes it’s the colour; at other times it’s just an excuse to get messy with paint and texture and just jot a few words down too keep the word- angels happy…

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