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More book cobbling…
August 14, 2014

More book cobbling…

    I’m not sure there’s a name for this… ‘proper’ bookbinders would be quavering at the sight of my bindings and withering to witness my reconstructive urges when it comes to condemned books. I’m not sure if this is a journal waiting to be scribbled in, or if it is just what it is, a […]

The Wide Wide World
June 20, 2014

The Wide Wide World

Some bibliophiles would be horrified but I love ripping the middle out of books (gasp). OK, so they do have to be in a pretty shabby state and destined for the scrap heap, but if that’s the case, I think it’s a gift to the book, to myself, and in this case, to a dear friend, […]

Junk Shop find- Record Storage Book
March 30, 2014

Junk Shop find- Record Storage Book

Mooching in a Junk Shop (sorry, Antiques Centre) in Cardiff yesterday I found this little gem- a vintage LP album containing a set of Bing Crosby Albums. I can do without the Bing… I know, I’m a philistine… but I could immediately see the potential to make this into a gorgeous piece of book art. […]

The Tray Game
March 20, 2014

The Tray Game

  When I was in London last week I visited the delicious stationery department at Liberty and added a little to my hoard of paper delights. And, once home, and I was sorting through my drawers of found and plundered paper ephemera, a little design started to take shape… so that was the next happy […]

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