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About Diving for Pearls


‘With all the will in the world,

Diving for Dear Life

When we could be

Diving for Pearls…’

Elvis Costello

Hey there,

I’m Maz, pleased to meet you :) I’m an art journaler and handmade book lover, photographer, yogi, gardener and painter–in-waiting; a homebird living  in the stunning Wye Valley on the English / Welsh border with my fabulous husband of 25 years, and my 2 talented, friendly and always surprising teenage kids.

My blog charts my creative life with a side order of positive psychology. I believe that we can all learn to flourish more colourfully if we tap into our creative selves as a way of practicing self-care. Art Journaling is as important to me as diet and exercise, (in fact, as breathing!) in leading a healthy life- art allows me to practice gratitude and mindfulness, to savour my experiences, to play to my strengths, to remain resilient and optimistic, and to build valuable connections with my tribe. These are the foundations of positivity that have kept me sane over the last 20 years. When I create, I thrive. This is my message to the world!

I’d love to hear from you- leave me a comment and say hello!

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