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The Wandering Isles
October 13, 2015

The Wandering Isles

‘… and anon they spied land in the distance; islands, they were, the sea dotted with them. The Captain gave answer- for those islands that you see are not firm land- they shift about hither and thither and are therefore called the Wandering Isles…’


Making little books is comforting. They remind me of those little folded notes we used to pass to each other in class, with our deepest secrets and despairs and desires. Maybe it’s because I love paper so much and when I gather something so delicious as this ocean-blue sun print paper, I want to do something with it rather than letting it fester in a drawer. The sun print paper has been exposed with writing and various shapes copied onto clear acetate then left in the sun. This would be a great project with children or a craft group. Quick and easy, but very pleasing.

The paper reminds me too of blueprints and plans, which I’ve always been drawn to- maybe because my Dad was an engineer and a boat builder and I loved to see him poring over a plan, deep in the flow. Even now I have rolls of his plans in a corner of the studio, waiting to be upcycled into something…

The words are found from a children’s story book from 1937. I didn’t want to cut it up so had to find another way. It’s a series of un-connected sentences that somehow feel quite meaningful when given a new lease of independent life. I’m finding this easier than journaling my own thoughts at the moment.

As I’ve run out of typewriter ribbon (type write being my current favourite means of lettering) I had to improvise and found an odd scrap of dressmakers carbon paper so stuck that in the typwriter and presto, a chalky, worn, evocative type- I love it!  I’ll be trying this again :)

‘It was the only door, so she approached it, and was greatly amazed to see above it the words BE BOLD, BUT NOT TOO BOLD’

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6 Responses

  1. I am so glad to see that you’re back at the blog. Beautiful shades of blue, remind me of distant, happy summers, clear blue skies and deep blue seas…Somehow life appears less difficult on such days.

  2. Maz

    Thank you Ozge! It’s good to be back especially with lovely comments like this!
    I’m sorry for all the trouble in your country- so sad. I tried to comment on your blog but forgive me, I couldn’t seem to do it for some reason.
    Much love,
    Maz x

  3. Lovely little book. I too love making mini books, there is magic within the tiny size.

    1. Maz

      You’re so right ihanna, magic is a lovely way to put it :)

  4. Great idea using the dress maker’s carbon. The look of the type written text in chalky white is incredible! Love the book!

    1. Maz

      Thanks Mary I’m glad you like it! x

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