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The Form of the Formless
November 16, 2014

The Form of the Formless

The form of the formless
the image of the imageless…
Stand before it and there is no beginning
Follow it and there is no end.

I don’t think Lao-Tzu wrote this specifically in regard to my art journal practice, but what a great reminder it is! If there is a clearer call to following an intuitive and meditative path in our art, and to surrender to the unknown, I’d like to hear it.  It’s easy to look outside of ourselves for resources, supplies, inspiration, recognition and affirmation, when the truth is that these are the things that get in our way. Today I’ve been trying to reclaim spontaneity and honesty and impermanence and to see where it might take me. It’s a hard one for me, but I know in my heart my subconscious mind is the most powerful resource at my disposal.

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3 Responses

  1. Hello Maz. I have just found out your blog and i loved your art. The colors you have chosen, the minimalistic pages captured me. You certainly say a lot by saying very little. I loved the painterly nature of the pages. Just wanted to say hello. Hello from Turkey, Izmir :)

  2. Hi Ozge and thanks so much for your kind comments! I think you’ve summed up my style pretty well :) thanks for dropping by, I love to think we are connected despite the miles between us x

  3. Love what you are doing Maz, I’m a couple of years behind you but want to take a similar path!

    Hope you are well,



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