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A bit of process…
November 2, 2014

A bit of process…

Whilst purging my phone of a million pictures yesterday I came across a series I’d taken as I worked on a page, with a view to posting a ‘birth of a journal page‘ post, or a ‘how I did this‘. These pictures were taken in February- well, all good things take time hey?! Interesting to see that any page can go through a horrible ugly phase; well this one certainly did. And I started off with purple?! Anyway…
Because I rarely have any idea how a page is going to end up, I generally splodge acrylic paint around until something falls into place, some words appear at my lips or some shape at my fingertips. It’s very intuitive- which is posh arty speak for ‘I haven’t really got a clue at this point…’. But usually after a few layers (this is not the most economical way to paint, I grant you) I am in flow and things are happening emotionally and on the page.  I’m not even worried at this stage that it’s looking HORRIBLE… (OK, thats’s a lie, but it can only get better, right?) So I calm down the cacophony of colour with some white and buff and see what happens. Oh look, a word. I applied ‘safety’ with some letter stencils (see the black outline) and some modelling paste, thinly spread, which has the advantage of adding texture and also flattening the colour contrast, a good thing in this case.

Once the stencils are removed (actually, it’s more of a mask, as the letters themselves are left to reveal the underlying stronger colours) it’s beginning to look a bit better.  safety8
I sketch out my warrior woman and add detail to her dress in the same way- a patterned mask and texture paste. Then some writing using letraset, and some in freehand using white gel pen.   safety9 safety9 safety9
You can see how the original, shocking colour palette shines through in small areas- it kind of works on a small scale, without detracting from the story of the page. What do you think? It’s  interesting to see how my style has changed since February, and was fun to review the process… Untitled-3

3 Responses

  1. Sally

    I loved following your process Maz and I miss sitting across from you in our class in Ireland.

    1. Maz

      Thank you Sally- I often think of us sititng around that table, sometimes quiet, sometimes laughing :) x

  2. I enjoyed that Maz, thank you!! I’ve a question, adding writing using letraset… what is letraset? I’m assuming you’re referring to the font written across the page.. I’d love to be able to do that and not have to rely on stamping and handwriting. I like the variety of both ‘structured’ font and hand writing… I’m looking up letraset now, but all I’m seeing is pens?

    Amanda xx

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