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Do or Do Not
October 2, 2014

Do or Do Not

Do or do not. Yoda might have an opinion, but no-one can make that choice but me.

I came back from my recent Art Retreat (future blog post) full of plans and resolutions,with so many ideas for tutorials and workshops, blog posts to write, connections to make, and all the trying to  build up ‘a body of work’ and ‘find my style’ that it’s been a challenge not to sink into the bog of overwhelm and busy-ness and instead, Get Stuff Done. This spread was born out of a frustration that I was in danger of forgetting that the only step you can take is the next, small step. So I took one small step, then another, and this is how it ended up. Can you see the letters on the colourful ‘ladder’? JFDI, Maz, Just F* Do It!

DSC01956-Edit DSC01954-Edit DSC01958-Edit-Edit

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