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My Space
July 22, 2014

My Space

Over the last few days I’ve had a massive declutter and rejigging of my creative space, and it feels gooood! I’m so lucky to have this room- it is supposedly a dining room but we only ever eat in the kitchen or at the table in our family room, or outside- so I get to play in here, make a mess, leave a mess and come back to my very own mess without having to interrupt my flow by tidying up :)


I’ve somehow collected over the years an array of weird and wonderful but very practical bits of furniture, cavernous cupboards and heavenly drawers, perfect for storing in a ‘creatively organised’ way (i.e, not very). It is pure luxury to have this kind of environment to work in- it hasn’t always been thus!

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I used to have the big table (that’ll be the dining room table 😉 ) in the middle of the room, but it really interrupted the flow of the room and as I walk around a lot while I’m working it wasn’t conducive to Getting Things Done and often led to Major Frustration. Also I quite like to snuggle into a corner in the evenings under the ‘protection’ of a wall, rather than feeling stranded and exposed in the middle of the room. Maybe its a Feng Shui thing, I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right. So I have the table against the wall now, a new vinyl table cloth, a pop of red rug on the floor (which the dogs are grateful for!) and Bob’s your uncle, ready to go …..

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And I have a sturdy little fold up table by the window for taking pictures of things, or when I need a lot of natural daylight. And my sewing machine can stay out, so I’m much more likely to use it….

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The whole room is an inspiration board really- I am a bit of a magpie and love quirky little designy ‘objets’ (tat?!) They’ve travelled with me from my last arty space, and make me feel at home and inspired. So the room is ready to go now and I’m hoping I can do it justice by producing some really good work!


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3 Responses

  1. that’s an amazing space, Maz. looking forward to more of your amazing work

    1. Maz

      Thanks Sarah, hopefully being in an inspiring space of my very own will allow the creativity to flow :)
      m x

  2. Ace studio space mrs. time to get messy! x

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