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Bella Cosa Far Niente
July 14, 2014

Bella Cosa Far Niente

The title of this post translates from the Italian as ‘ Idleness is a beautiful thing’… and, isn’t it just! I’m interpreting idleness as a positive, life enhancing, creatively inviting trait- bring it on! I’ve been thinking, recently, and journaling, about the nature of ‘busy’ and especially how it irritates the heck out of me to see acquaintances of mine proudly wearing their busy-ness like a badge of honour and entitlement to lifelong membership of the Important Grown Ups club. I’m not impressed. Being overly busy- having back to back appointments in my diary, with further layers of daily stuff that needs attention, and  further layers still of oughts and shoulds- has never appealed and propels me into overwhelm, and I grind to a halt.


I’ve been trying to think about words which are the opposite of busy. Empty, idle, free? I know that if I clear space in my day to be creative I am giving myself an opportunity to let the good stuff flow in, filling the vacuum. I know if I find myself being ‘busy’ with other things, I am usually avoiding the difficult stuff around the work that I feel I’m put on this earth to do.  Tim Ferris says ‘ being busy is a form of laziness- lazy thinking and indiscriminate action’. I recognise that!  Untitled-6 Untitled-5

I’ve given up talking up my busy-ness as I recognise I was trying to make myself appear to be a member of that Important Grown Ups club- being busy made me feel of value to the world. Not any more.  Untitled-3

The more comfortable I get with myself, the more I can slow down. Paradoxically, I am getting more done as a result. Since making a conscious decision to slow the pace, I am fitter, healthier, happier, nicer to people and more productive. And I’ve stopped bristling with defensive anxiety when I’m asked ‘how are you- busy?’. Untitled-2

So, bring on the idleness. It’s not about sitting around peeling grapes and watching daytime TV. It’s about living mindfully. It provides mental peace and a time to pause, to focus on what matters and what doesn’t matter, what’s missing, the dots that need connecting and the energy to do just that. Untitled-1

3 Responses

  1. So beautifully said. Love your thoughts and your art journaling, Maz! I just resonate with it all!

    1. Thank you Mary- I’m so glad I’m making some sense! Take care x

  2. Oh how I laughed reading this!!!! I love the idea of sitting around in a state of idleness peeling grapes 😀 You can keep the day time tv though. I would be reading a book in the dappled sunshine under a silver birch tree in the garden, swooshing on a swing seat and taking a little nap…. day dreaming….. In the real world when I am at my most chaotic in my head (this has been quite regularly over the last few years) I am found with an enormous list, rushing about with a tonne to do and not enough time in the day. This year though…what with all my big thinking, focus, positivity and motion I am becoming much more selective over what I do and dont do with my time…. thus I am finding piles of stuff teetering all over whilst I swoosh about with a paint brush or a printing plate. I’m enjoying myself; I think the family are less intruiged when we have to whizz to the shop yet again as I havent got round to getting a big food shop in. and we and the animals have no food again….. ooops. I am also blumming LOVING your book. I am feeling decidedly green at what you are producing but hugely inspired too. Gorgeous lovely. See you on Wednesday!!!! YAY! x

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