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A mind forever voyaging
June 28, 2014

A mind forever voyaging

mind forever voyaging-4

I first read ‘Quiet- The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’ by Susan Cain a while ago- when it first came out I think, but put it aside as I felt it a bit defensive and ‘chippy’; an overreaction to the dominance of extroverts in the workplace and socially. But now I see that I did protest too much- maybe she was making me face up to stuff I really didn’t want to accept. This time round I filled in the questionnaire in the book (I  am a sucker for a nice quiz) to find out once and for all where I lie on the introvert/ extrovert spectrum. Ticking statements such as ‘I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities’ and ‘I prefer not to show or discuss my work until it’s finished’ (double tick) and ‘I often let the phone go through to voicemail.’ (Yes, and then ‘forget’ to listen to the VM- I am a true phone-phobic, if there is such a thing. ) Turns out I am more introvert than not…. and yet… still I resist. I think this is about understanding and accepting what it means to be introvert- I am not shy, in any way! And I love, appreciate and seek the company of others, and I believe I am socially quite skilled, and I perversely quite enjoy public speaking- but there comes  a point where delicious solitude beckons like a comforting hug.

mind forever voyaging-1 Throughout the book Susan Cain convinces that we live in a society biased towards the extrovert, but that introverts have advantages that shouldn’t be underestimated. Without resorting to stereotypes, she encourages us to know ourselves and play to our strengths, something that I’ve been enjoying exploring for some years, and no doubt will continue to do.

This wasn’t meant to be a book review. It’s just that in learning of the creative habits of extraordinary people I came across this line from a poem by William Wordsworth, about Isaac Newton, a well known introvert. I hear this line in every cell of my quiet spirit. He worked alone, like many of our great geniuses, and gave himself the space and energy to make his great discoveries, without worrying whether he fitted a cultural stereotype of and successful and socially adept bon viveur.

And from that quote came this journal spread, which felt more raw and honest than anything I’ve done for a while.

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5 Responses

  1. OMG I AM LOVING THIS PIC!!!!!!!!! Its been worth the wait since the last one frankly It is truly stunning. Are you thrilled with how its worked? I could look at it for hours. The colours, texture, marks….stunning. As for the article surrounding the piece of work I wouldn’t have put you in the introverted catagory at all. You seem so self assured and together and really out there doing. Its is funny to learn that you see yourself differently! I on th eother hnd I hink giveoff utter extrovert signals but am a closet introvert! 😀 xxx

    1. Maz

      Lol Niki I can just see you sitting there with your typing fingers trying to keep up with your brain! You’re right though, a lot of people wouldn’t recognise my introverted tendencies, as I am still quite social, but as I age (!) I pay a higher price for the parties and the late nights (hehe) IF I don’t respect my introvert spirit and honour myself with some down time. And the balance moves increasingly in favour of time on my own or with close family and friends, and I’m good with that. And so is my level of creativity, interestingly! xx

  2. apologies for my utter rubbish wording in that last sentence…! shows i didn’t read that back and my fingers were obviously sausages on the keyboard….

  3. then maybe i am an introvert too as although i like to chat the hind legs off a poor donkey I do like smaller occassions and close friends and family As i ‘age’ I am becoming less interested in the flim flam of the bigger groups that is just fleeting ego suff.

  4. Wow… loving the sound of that book and your ‘ticks’ are so mine too. Think I will have to find a copy, thanks for sharing :) And as always love your art x

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