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May 28, 2014


collage frames 1-1

It’s true, art looks better framed. Here was a collage/ mixed media piece I was working on, didn’t much like composition wise; tore into squares and selected the best snippets to frame. From almost scrap to Art with a capital A, job done!

collage frames 2-1


collage frames 3-1


collage frames 4-1

One Responses

  1. totally get you on the framed thing. my prints look so hairy and raggedy as they are layered and i am so messy when i work i drive myself nuts. but when they are framed they look so delicious and smart. i can look at them being all powsh for ages. I also love how chopping something up and taking into small areas can totally change how something looks or how you feel about it or even how you can push it further once all the ‘wrong’ bits have cleared off x

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