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Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights
May 24, 2014

Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights


No day trip to Bath is complete for us without a (usually lengthy) visit to Mr B’s. This is a proper, bells and whistles, blue riband book shop. I’m not a book shop snob, and I unashamedly (well, only a little bit ashamedly) carry both Waterstones and Foyles loyalty cards in my purse. But this isn’t just a place to buy books, its a place to let the aroma of words of ages and worlds saturate your imagination and leave your head spinning with possibilities….

Bath 2

And look! Man chairs! Mr H is very open minded when it comes to his reading material; he’ll read anything so long as there are spies in it :)

bath 3

I, on the other hand, ran my hands over stacks of contemporary fiction (judging books by their covers, lifelong habit, not going to apologise. Any embossed gold foil flourishy font titles, rejected; any front cover endorsements by Melvin Bragg or Jeremy Clarkson, no thankyou;) thumbed thick tomes on nature and gardening; crooned over art anthologies and pamphlets of poetry; pure bliss. I can’t recommend this shop highly enough.

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