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My Default Position
April 14, 2014

My Default Position


My default position blog

My art journal spreads don’t really have titles but if they did this would be called ‘my default position’. I’d been pondering whether happiness was still my baseline emotion, or, whether I had defaulted back to blame, frustration and other negative emotions. I believe a positive mindset is something we have to constantly exercise, like a muscle. And it’s exercise really worth doing! All this chatter is written in white ink within the tent. It’s illegible now, but it does’t matter, because the thinking and the writing was the important part. I really have no idea why there is a tent- I think I’d just finished reading a book about a circus….

In the TV show The West Wing, (one of our favourite ever shows, in which the characters walk along corridors with great speed and purpose and talk very intelligently about politics. I aim to understand maybe 40% of the dialogue, then I’m happy. Jed Bartlett for President, I say! Anyway….) the President asks his Director of Communications (a notoriously dour man) what he is so happy about. Toby Zeigler replies, with more than a trace of irony, ‘Happiness is my default position’. I just LOVE this quote!

My default position blog1


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