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The opposite of being stuck.
April 1, 2014

The opposite of being stuck.

Some mornings, there is more purpose and life and energy than ever. Satisfaction in every little detail. A restlessness and excitement. The opposite of being stuck.

tree blue-1


blue tree 2

3 Responses

  1. Ive not had a tuck week but I have had a week of utter bla. Like a white noise moment! Very annoying but in the process I found a couple of new blogs talking about stuff that really interests and a side of me I want to push and then I have had some time to mull things over. Not force them. I am now trying to direct those thoughts into actions….! Watch this space 😉

    1. Maz

      Not forcing, yes. So important. But I have to watch I don’t fall into a pit of inertia! It’s all about the balance, innit :) Looks like you are nailing the balance with your recent productive spurt. x

  2. hope so lovely, now its about trying to keep moving forward. Im looking forward to seeing what youve been up to. My kids all go back to school tomorrow just at the time that mr mini has become really whiny and very needy and bossy…..!

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