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New life
March 29, 2014

New life


I’ve been in the city for 3 days this week and although I love the buzz and dash I love more the feeling of coming home and pulling on the wellies and ending the day smelling of soil instead of other peoples’ stress.

If I’ve been away at this time of year it’s usually straight to the greenhouse to check out the babies. They are delicate, temperamental little shoots at this stage and I admit that some of my tomato seeds have suffered from ‘damping off’ ; they have paid the price of my over eager watering.

Seeds are amazing- little dots of passion and power that grow from zero to hero in no time at all (I’m talking annuals here… ) packed with  centuries of DNA and the will to thrive. Nothing represents spring- and life!- more!




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  1. ive slowly started the foray into gardening, the bug caught me last year when we knocked or should I say pick axed seven shades out of our front garden. There is still much to do but the space went from ugly to what was in my head over a period of a few weeks and was extremely satisfying. The back space is the one to be tackled this year….. makes me tired just thinking about it! I have yet to encounter the joy of growing things from seeds but the thrill of seeing things return from their winter slumber over the last few weeks has been utterly intoxicating. look forward to see the progress of these little guys xxx

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