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Spring (or, To be alive beneath cherry blossoms)
March 25, 2014

Spring (or, To be alive beneath cherry blossoms)

blog-blossom5 So many first days of Spring! So many chances to start anew. The first bud break; the equality of day and night that comes with the equinox;  the day we are able to balance eggs on end (apparently); the day we emerge from our hibernations… I just know that whatever the science, I feel great in Spring.

Spring is always a joyful surprise, a delight. Where summer often disappoints, autumn quietly savoured, and winter  endured, Spring is so alive, so pressing; the very word is alive, a powerful, springy noun-verb.

blog-blossom2 Spring is a reminder that we all work to natural rhythms, circadian, seasonal, diurnal, hormonal, moody, mardy, monthly….  Nature unashamedly embraces these cycles, while we try to battle them with SAD lamps and vitamin D and self medication in the form of chocolate, or wine. Nature teaches me that life is about not balance (one, or the other), but about riding these cycles.  It’s OK to slow down and hide away (The comfort  of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation, Marcel Proust) because like the certainty of spring I’ll know when it’s time to grow again.

blog-blossom3 And in March, I find myself again, reinventing, reinterpreting who I am.  ‘Stop being who you were and change into who you are.’ (Paulo Coehlo).

blog-blossom4 Inhale, exhale.

 Expand, contract.

 Spiral in, spiral out.

 Tides, moon, listen.

 Cells renewing.

 The cycle of becoming.

This is my Spring.


8 Responses

  1. Wow! Your words are beautiful. Here’s to Spring!

    1. Maz

      Thanks Elizabeth! :)

  2. …balance I am finding is not in the yin and yang of things, but the surrender of allowing oneself to flow with the tides of things. Living as I do outside of time (no clocks other than those on my devices), and outside of the traditional work environment, I have become very much a creature that moves with the tides of things. It is a slower way, and one that for sure can be a challenge to allow to unfold, but I am finding myself much happier with it. There is an ease to balance if you let it :)

    *ps* I am in love with your blog also, and will be back to visit often… xo

  3. Maz

    Exactly Beka! You are an example to us all :) I definitely go at a slower pace when the days are shorter and so lucky that my lifestyle can allow for that. X

  4. I adore the buzz that spring brings, the light changes from that exquisite harshness and unrelenting white of winter to the softer, gentler yellow tones, as the earth on our little bit of the planet starts to wake up and those rays of joy, birth, renewal and hope for the future cannot help but pass into ourselves. Here’s to getting busy and enjoying the stretch as we come out of winters cosy hibernation. x …..ps i feel a blog post coming on! xxx

    1. Maz

      Ok niki, I challenge you to a new piece of art and a blog post on the subject of spring…GO! X

  5. mrs Ive only just seen your reply to me…. I have now ticked a box that hopefully will mean that I get a message to tell you youve answered my blitherings! x

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