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All that I didn’t do.
March 24, 2014

All that I didn’t do.

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“I think,” Tehanu said in her soft, strange voice, “that when I die, I can breathe back the breath that made me live. I can give back to the world all that I didn’t do. All that I might have been and couldn’t be. All the choices I didn’t make. All the things I lost and spent and wasted. I can give them back to the world. To the lives that haven’t been lived yet. That will be my gift back to the world that gave me the life I did live, the love I loved, the breath I breathed.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Other Wind

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  1. Elaine DarlingtonBrown

    This has to be the most beautiful and meaningful iteration that I’ve ever encountered. Thank you so very, very much for sharing.

    1. Maz Hawes

      It’s so special isn’t it Elaine. It gives me goosebumps. I think I want it read as my eulogy. Let’s live in the here and now and be done with all the striving. Whatever we do, or don’t do, it’s enough. x

      1. Elaine DarlingtonBrown

        Oh, Maz; I can’t begin to explain how much this has meant to me. I’m crying as I type. I’ve lived with so many regrets and feelings of guilt for not doing right by my children (or myself), yet try so hard to acknowledge that I did the very best I could, at the time. in my circumstances. This just seems to have pulled all that together and offered me the peace of personal reconciliation. I’m with you: I will have this read as my eulogy. Which, I guess, means we have a rather special bond, I really, really, can’t thank you enough. Blessings and love, E xxx

        1. Maz Hawes

          Elaine, I’m so glad I struck such a chord. Isn’t it true that we meet who we need to meet and read what we need to read just at the right time? Can you write out the quote and post it somewhere you will see it every day? Self love and acceptance is a muscle we have to exercise every day to build and maintain. Ditch the regrets and start living for NOW. big love, Maz xx

          1. Elaine DarlingtonBrown

            Ha! I’ve already done that! And posted it on one of my Pinterest boards. Also, have sent it to my daughter and my 2 best friends, requesting that, between them, they will ensure that it will be read as the ONLY piece at my funeral. It did obviously strike a very profound chord, since it had me in floods of tears for a considerable time. It was like a release. Yes; I agree about ‘timeliness’; have done for a long, long time; from beginning to study Buddhism.
            Forgive my confusion, but how did I come to encounter you??? The amount, and nature, of medications I’m on badly affects my memory and brain function!!!
            I ask so that we can keep in touch, if that would be ok with you? I try not to use FaceBook too much if I can help it, but I am a member of several Art type groups on there. Also, I’m on Google+, so have ‘circles’ of contacts.

        2. Maz

          Elaine, I’m not on Facebook either. I’m afraid I don’t know how you ‘found’ me! My twitter and Instagram links are in the sidebar :)

  2. Maz
    Hurrah, I can comment now!
    I’ve been back to read this quote several times now, it is really moving.
    I tried to find The Other Wind but couldn’t. Is it a short story?
    I’m writing a book at the moment and I would love to use this as a reference.
    But I ought to read it in context first 😉
    Thank you for posting it.

  3. Hey Louise- I’m glad you commented- I changed the system to make it easier :)) the book is the final in her ‘earthsea’ series of fantasy tales for young adults- though a great read for adults too. She has a poetic but spare writing style and her books are- no surprise- full of wisdom. Highly recommended :) let me know how the book goes, I’m thrilled to have been able to influence in a teeny way! X

  4. puff and we are gone…… x

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