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The Tray Game
March 20, 2014

The Tray Game


tray game-1

When I was in London last week I visited the delicious stationery department at Liberty and added a little to my hoard of paper delights. And, once home, and I was sorting through my drawers of found and plundered paper ephemera, a little design started to take shape… so that was the next happy half hour gone. For no reason other than it felt good to enjoy the letterpress and the colour and the ampersand and the little hidden messages…

Actually, it reminds me of the game we used to play as children, at parties, before parties became themed and sparkly and competitive….  I can’t remember if it had a name but I’ll call it the tray game- mum put a series of objects on a tray, (a dinky toy, a rubber band, a shoelace, and a sherbert dib dab…) then covered them with a tea towel whilst we tried to recall each object in the hope of winning a bag of Frazzles….

Although my memory is notoriously bad I do remember things better if they have a visual connection. If I see a word written I will remember it; if I hear it, most likely I won’t. I’ll remember a colour long after I remember the title of a film. I’m frequently distracted by the way things look, and I definitely judge a book by its cover! As I try and work out what this blog is all about (I’m told I need a ‘niche’ ) all I know at the moment is that I want to combine words and images in a way that makes you, and me, happy. Let me know if I’m getting there…

Maz xx

oh, and some bonus, behind the scenes pics…


3 Responses

  1. *kim’s game* …that’s what I always knew it by, this game of memory. Though usually rather than recalling all the items, the tray was taken away, an item removed, those that remained shuffled and then the guess of which item was missing when the tea towel was lifted. Yes, parties without themes or extravagance. Just your basic trusty old favourites brought out each time. Fun times. Fond memories… :)

    1. Maz

      Yes you’ve described the more sophisticated version we played also. And did you ever play the flour cake game- slicing away a ‘cake’ made of flour moulded in an upturned bowl, until it collapsed, then retrieving a sweet or chocolate from the remains with only your mouth?! Such fun! X

      1. …we did, but not so many times as that Kim’s Game :) I think my mom could only cope with floury girls only so much! I think we did that one more with the Guides. The chocolate one where you had to dress in hat, scarf and gloves before trying to break into the chocolate bar with a knife and fork was more frequent also :) I am sure together we could reel off many more such nonsense ‘party’ games!

        Have a super Wednesday :)

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